Memeburn going Solomo at LeWeb

LeWeb Founder Loïc Le Meur speaks at a previous conference in 2009

LeWeb is a special place for Memeburn. The site was founded at the conference in Paris about two years ago with one of its legendary contributors Nur Bremmen. The very first few lines of code and the initial design was put together during the conference.

LeWeb this year features the major internet players you know, including Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Sean Parker (Napster and Facebook — played by Justin Timberlake in the Social Network movie), and Kevin Rose, among others. It’s not all geeks — the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld will be making an appearance, as will CNN Correspondent Becky Anderson.

The conference is fast becoming one of the hottest internet tickets worldwide.

The big internet names are all here including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM,, eBay, and rackspace among others. Famous internet companies including Flipboard, GetSatisfaction, Spotify, Instagram, Evernote, Foursquare, Socialbakers, Badoo, Techmeme, — check them all out. (No-one from Groupon or Apple speaking though — Does Apple ever speak at these gigs?)

There is also a startup competition featuring 16 hot, innovative internet companies from countries as diverse as Iceland, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Chile, and Poland.

Memeburn will be bringing you news and interviews from the conference, with that unique emerging markets angle.

In photo: Robin Wauters (Techcrunch Europe), Frederic Lardinois (ReadWriteWeb), Ewan Spence, Matthew Buckland (Memeburn), Tom Foremski (Silicon valley Watcher), Eliane Fiolet (Ubergizmo), Silicon Valley PR guru Renee Blodgett, Kim-Mai Cutler (VentureBeat) all at Le Web ’09
Photo by Robert Scoble

The theme of this LeWeb conference is every internet innovator’s new obsession: Solomo. It’s a trend that sees online businesses, rich smartphone applications in particular, combining social networking, hyper-localised content and information on a location-aware mobile device.

Solomo was a term coined by well-known Silicon Valley investor John Doerr, and it describes a new battle ground for internet startups and major internet companies. This means we can glean information from our immediate surroundings via our phones or tablet devices directly from the people we trust the most — friends, family and colleagues. Groupon and Foursquare are often cited as internet businesses that take advantage of this trend.

The famous Mary Meeker delivering a dramatic presentation at Le Web about the negative effects of social networking, a subject not often addressed.

More about what’s happening at LeWeb 2011 in the video below by the conference founders Geraldine and Loïc Le Meur.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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