9 Social media resolutions worth keeping in 2012

Although New Year’s resolutions might be viewed with an air of scepticism these days, it’s always worth aiming to start the year on the right foot. If you don’t want to do anything as extreme as ArLynn Presser’s quest to overcome her agoraphobia and meet all her Facebook friends, there are still a few things we should all consider.


1. Take time to do a clean out of your contacts.
Make a break with those you’re no longer in touch with, or add the new friends or contacts you’ve made through the year. Your phone, your emails, your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, make sure you’re not carrying clutter from last year with you into the new one.

2. Update your online profiles, bios and pictures
Sometimes these can sit for years unchanged, and you suddenly realise your online sites reflect a “you” of several years ago. In the age of networking, it’s crucial that our presence is kept current.

3. If you’re in social media for work purposes, take it more seriously in 2012
Are you setting targets? Investing time and thought in analysing the reactions and results you’re getting? It’s not enough just to be online, and too often the assessment and analysis of your social media falls by the wayside.

4. Participate in more conversations.
This can apply to everything from joining in a hashtag on Twitter, or just replying to a friend’s status update on Facebook. The key here is the social part of social media, and if you’ve been lurking and viewing, now’s the time to plunge in and start talking.


5. If you’re in social media for personal reasons, don’t take it so seriously
Try and ignore the numbers for a bit, if you can. Are you following and friending people who you really want to engage with, or are you being motivated by other factors?

6. Pick unnecessary battles online
It’s hard work being angry all the time. Choose what’s worth fighting for – and then don’t be afraid to do so, loudly and clearly.

7. Let social media replace your social life
It was originally envisioned as a tool to enhance your existing social life, and strengthen your connections with the friends and contacts you do have. Try and meet some of your online friends offline in 2012.

8. Only surround yourself with people who think like you
Seek out someone new, who you don’t agree with, but who makes you think and exposes you to the thoughts of others. Follow people on Twitter who have different opinions, and engage with the debate.

9. Oh, and whatever you do, try not to post too many “hilarious” drunken New Year’s pictures online
And if your friends do, don’t be afraid to untag.



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