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#FactsWithoutWikipedia climbs the Twitter trends amidst SOPA protest

Wikipedia’s decision to black its site out in protest against SOPA has generally been greeted with enthusiastic support from around the web. The truth is, whether or not you admit it, some of us are feeling a little lost without the world’s most popular tool for settling bar fights and deep intellectual rants — “the Sun is a star”, for instance. That’s why we showed you how to get around the blackout. The Twitterverse has, however, come up with its own solution: a massive trending topic.

In fact, hashtags concerning the blackout took up the top two spots on Twitter’s global trend list for much of the day. The top one, #factswithoutwikipedia, provided some moments of comic genius in its race up the trend ladder.

Here are some of our favourites:

Internet users are not just taking to Twitter it seems, some have taken to YouTube as well. A few videos have also surfaced with users “fighting” the two Acts proposed before Congress. It seems that in the midst of the “blackout”, users are trying to find the lighter side of things.

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