Britney Spears becomes first person to go past 2M Google+ followers

Britney Spears can lay claim to her second Google+ record after becoming the first person to go past the two-million follower mark.

Perhaps more impressive than the songstress reaching the two-million mark though, is the fact that she did so just a couple of months after becoming the first person to go past one-million followers.

According to TheNextWeb, that means she’s been adding around 30 000 followers a day.

Spears’ Google+ page puts the exact number of people who have her in their circles at 2 034 100.

That number is, however, a blip on the radar compared to the ones she has on Facebook and Twitter.

Spears has 17-million plus fans on the former and over 13-million followers on the latter.

Celebrities are beginning to feature more and more prominently on Google’s social offering, although Google co-founder Larry Page and head of social Vic Gundotra still hold places in the top 10 most followed people list.

Spears engages fairly frequently on Google+, sharing posts about everything from Batman coming to visit her two children to the love she was receiving from her Twitter followers on Valentine’s Day.

As an indication of how well the singer is utilising Google+, it’s worthwhile comparing her follower numbers to those of Twitter queen Lady Gaga.

Gaga only has around 650 000 followers on Google+ — a drop in the ocean compared to the 19-million or so followers she has on Twitter.

Thee last official figures from Google indicated that Google+ had gone past the 90-million user mark, although some analysts have suggested that the actual numbers may be a little north of that.

Ancestry founder and Google+ analyst Paul Allen believes that Google+ will hit 400-million users by the end of 2012, largely thanks to Google’s “many dials and levers” which it will “use this year to increase sign ups and usage, including its Android 4.0 rollout.”



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