New campaign celebrates SA constitution a la Nando’s

A group of South Africans looking to celebrate the country’s constitution has come out with an innovative advert, borrowing from the style of fast food chicken franchise Nando’s.

The advert plays on the immensely popular #mealforsix campaign and its accompanying “Last Dictator Standing” video ad.

The Nando’s ad went viral and featured on a number of international sites. The franchise was, however, forced to pull it from Zimbabwean airwaves after militant groups threatened its staff.

We the People, the group behind the advert, seems to have targeted this incident especially.

Like Nando’s, the group has opted for a newspaper-style headline poster with a smaller tagline at the bottom.

The tagline explains the rights enshrined in the South African constitution and reads : “Our constitution gives us the right to poke fun at mad dictators without being chucked in jail. We think this is quite cool. So tell the world how much you love our constitution, go to”.

The campaign is an initiative of Media Monitoring Africa and was conceived with the objective of “educating South Africans about the constitution, in ways that ordinary people can relate to.”

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