Tencent mobile game platform hits 200M users

Chinese social giant Tencent now has 200-million registered users on its mobile gaming platform Mobile QQ Game Hall.

Accroding to Marbridge Consulting, the Shenzen-based tech companysome 13-million of those users log onto the platform on a daily basis. At times there are up to a million people on the network at the same time.

A large part of Mobile QQ Game’s success comes from the fact that it caters for China’s largely fragmented mobile ecosystem. Users can access Symbian, KJava, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and HTML 5 versions of the platform.

The most notweworthy thing about those numbers, however, is the fact that the platform only offers “several dozen casual games” at present.

A large proportion of those games are casual card and board games such as Dou Dizhu, Chinese chess, and Tetris.

One thing in Tencent’s favour, however, is that it has linked Mobile QQ Games to its weibo service for the Symbian and Android clients, which has over 250-million users.

For some perspective on just how impressive the numbers coming out Tencent are, it’s worth taking a look at the ones from Facebook.

After all, the world’s most popular social network recently announced that it would undertake a massive push in the mobile social gaming arena.

At the moment it has around 60-million people interacting with its apps. Bear in mind that those apps cover a number of areas outside the social gaming space (although Zynga accounts for around 19% of its revenue) and you get a glimpse of just how far ahead China’s web space really is.

TheNextWeb reports, however, that Mobile QQ games may soon have a significant rival in the space.

Japanese platforms DeNA and GREE — both multimillion dollar companies in their own right — are already active in the Chinese market. The latter, meanwhile, recently greed a deal to bring its platform to Baidu Yi devices, building on a similar deal with Alibaba to take its gaming platform to Aliyun OS devices.

Tencent has one of the largest social portfolios in the world. Aside from its weibo, its properties include the massively popular QQ instant messaging service, which is the world’s largest online community.

Emerging markets media giant Naspers has a stake in the company.



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