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10 Reasons mobile coupons are here to stay

People want mobile coupons. Although vouchers are already very popular online, the overflow into mobile has now grown rapidly. In part due to mobile’s convenience and the global recession’s after-effects but mostly because everyone loves a bargain.

The appeal of having a bargain specifically targeted to you, and delivered to your own mobile phone when and where you need it, and even when you didn’t know you need it is very powerful. Brands are now able to appeal to people’s need to engage and their desire to have unique, personalised experiences.

Here are some of the reasons mobile coupons are great:

1. Speed
In a high-paced world, people don’t want to save over time. They want to save now. People can easily utilise their mobile rewards at checkout with a simple entry of code in real-time. The days of endless waiting for authorisation by a manager are gone. Mobile vouchers allow for ease of use and no embarrassing pieces of scrunched up paper.

2. No printing needed
Previously, the hassle of downloading and then printing deterred people from redeeming their vouchers. Mobile vouchers are convenient enough to make people use them every time they go to a store. It also means less waste on paper and that appeals to anyone who needs to feel they are doing their part for the planet.

3. They don’t require planning
Spontaneously dashing into the mall for a shopping trip or quickly grabbing a bite to eat is much easier thanks to mobile coupons. In the past, a degree of planning was required as the voucher needed to be downloaded, printed and brought along in order for the redemption to happen. People can now act on their impulses,and use their rewards more easily.

4. They are smart
Getting more of what you actually wanted is now easier with mobile coupons. Instead of the generic coupons that reach the homes and offices of hordes of consumers, mobile coupons are appeal to individuals — brands can track previous behaviour and preferences and recommend choices based on this information. This gives people the engagement with brands they really want.

5. Immediacy is everything
Mobile coupons allow stores to appeal to anyone who might be in the area. People can search for specific offers nearby and act on them instantly. Geo location tracking and social media connectivity has given mobile coupons an edge for consumers who feel they are never out of touch with their mobile rewards.

6. Everyone can use them
As more and more people get mobile phones, so the reach for mobile coupons is increasing. They don’t have to have smartphones either; the appeal lies in the mobility. This in turn means they can get involved in savings for their whole family, as long as they have a phone, and more retailers will be offering the services to make up for the massive demand.

7.Mobile vouchers give real value
Because mobile rewards are used at the moment of purchase, people know they are actually receiving a reward. Typically, vouchers offer a value that can be utilised for a purchase, or a buy-one-get-one-free scenario, or if you buy over a certain amount you receive so much, but mobile rewards are engineered to satisfy consumers immediately; an instant gratification.

8. They are safe
Without having to give away private information, details, and numbers, mobile coupons can be redeemed by consumers in store. This ability to guarantee safety against fraud, manual reporting and mis-redemption are simple ways consumers appreciate brands more.

9. The cool factor
With the ability to share savings and experiences with friends via social networks and receiving instant rewards, the ‘cool factor’ of mobile rewards is on the climb. Away from grandma’s paper coupons, mobile coupons’ ease-of-use way to get a reward is where a whole new generation can join in for rewards and seasoned consumers can learn new tricks.

10. Mobile rewards are everywhere
The number of retailers, service providers and brands getting on board with mobile rewards is increasing steadily. People can save across the board: from hotels, to petrol stations, to supermarkets, to coffee shops, to services like hair salons and car washes.

Author | Daniel Scheffler

Daniel Scheffler
Daniel Scheffler is a freelance writer who spends his time between the soothing Cape Town and the galvanizing New York. After a number of years killing himself in Paris, LA, London and Cape Town in management consulting, he now concentrates on writing about life, technology and culture. More
  • Anonymous

    popular websites like Printapons and retail me not has coupons for pretty much any shopping site I’ve gone to most of the coupons are valid drops down with coupons without me having to search for them

  • Chris Rolfe

    Great article – spot on! Targeting and profiling enables a better customer and brand experience.


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