Intel’s narcissism machine… oh what fun

In its infinite wisdom, Intel has decided to give social network users a digital self-obsession tool — because Googling oneself is so passé. The chip maker built a tool that creates an infographic that’s all about you. Oh yay.

Mirror Mirror on the web, who is the fairest of them all?

The app, called “What About Me?”, gathers information from your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles to produce a data visualisation of your entire social media profile. Yep, why Google when you can do this?

The graphic looks something like a flower that tracks your interests based on what you tweet and your status updates. There is also a graphic record of your most popular posts and your popular pictures, using a ratio of self-created updates versus found information and “likes”.

If the graphic is to be trusted, I am very much into science, film, tech, fashion and photography. Yep, that seems about right — though 35% interest in science? How helpful, my interests are perfectly graphed for me.

The app pulls up other information which includes an assessment of your overall mood, your daily habits (night owl vs. early bird) and your recent online chatter. I am not quite sure I like this representation of my life to be honest. Thanks to Intel, I am sure many of you will go ask that digital mirror who the fairest of them all is.



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