My my, TweetDeck how you’ve changed… again

Twitter got bored again and decided to do some tinkering with TweekDeck for Mac, Windows and Chrome. The official Twitter client received a major upgrade this week, with a host of new and improved features.

The upgrade looks to be a major enhancement to TweetDeck’s functionality, solving the problem of features that were found wanting in the previous upgrade. The Twitter client has been tweaked so its features align more closely with Twitter’s own goals for its future.

Possibly the most appreciated of these improvements is the return of the classic “RT” for retweeting rather than simply quoting a tweet. About time too. The new version of TweetDeck has a list management feature, which allows users to create and edit Twitter lists (hallelujah!), so no more fumbling with browsers to edits list. It also has a few new columns for “Interactions” as well as an “Activity” feature which lets you track what actions your Twitter friends are taking — stalkerish?

Twitter also added inline image previews, this allows you to see a thumbnail of an image right in your Twitter stream, click on it and voila it’s bigger. A little spit and polish makes TweetDeck so much prettier.

You can download the new version here or just restart your TweekDeck.

Below is a video of the TweetDeck team outlining many of the changes to the client.



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