Facebook rolls out merged email and Timeline addresses

Facebook announced that it will be updating the vanity urls of its users to match their Facebook email addresses.

What’s that you say? Facebook forcing change on people without giving them an opt-out option? Queue the pitchfork-waving virtual mob.

Before you go storm castle Facebook though, bear in mind that this change won’t actually do much more than give your timeline a url that actually makes sense.

It’s also a not-so-subtle attempt by Facebook to push its email service, which was launched in 2010 and was a runaway success. Oh wait no, that’s wrong. Most users were happy with the email addresses they already had. You know, the ones they used to sign up to Facebook in the first place.

Vanity urls meanwhile have been around since 2009, and have been more universally popular, particularly among brands.

Facebook says the updated addresses will be rolled out over the next few weeks. It adds that anyone who already selected an email address will not be affected.

Anyone who wants to get ahead of the compulsory roll out can do so if they wish. Just be warned that you’re going to have get creative if you have an even vaguely common name.



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