Looqiloo turns everyone into an infomercial host

Ever wanted to be an infomercial host, but never figured out how? Then Looqiloo might be the right site for you.

The site’s developers claim that it lets people buy directly from a video pitching products at them. The site, which goes live today, also wants to make selling social.

Looqiloo claims that “anyone can easily upload personal videos about their favorite products and share them with their friends, family and social networks”.

The site isn’t exactly starting from scratch either. Looqiiloo says there already 14 000 products live. It also says getting started with pitching a new product is relatively easy because the site is “prepopulated with thousands of product description templates” that make it “quick and simple to upload product videos”.

Looqiloo claims it’s also incentivising good sales people by giving them the chance to earn commission from people who buy directly from their videos. People can also push their product on “friends, families and members of one’s social networks via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest and email”.

If this is all sounding a bit like an Tupperware-style sales scheme for the new decade then consider the fact that one of the videos Looqiloo is using to punt its launch involves a woman talking about how she lost weight using Herbalife nutritional products.

“Looqiloo is in a perfect position to launch at the next intersection of media, commerce, and social networks,” said Bruce Crair, founder and CEO of Looqiloo. “Capitalising on the increasing power of social sharing and the ubiquity of smart devices, Looqiloo offers an immediate, trusted companion to purchasing decisions, while offering an opportunity to discover entirely new things to love in an engaging and fun way.”

Looqiloo says its management team has significant experience building “scalable cloud-based systems and businesses”, including eVoice, which was acquired by AOL in July 2001.

Looqiloo launches today at DEMO Spring 2012 taking place from 17-19 April, 2012 in Santa Clara, California.

“The Looqiloo team is creating a new community that bridges the gap between product demonstration videos and a social shopping experience. It promises to be an important evolution in product sharing and social shopping,” said Matt Marshall, DEMO executive producer.



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