Africa Gathering: London event to celebrate African startups

People tend to get excited around startups. It’s probably something to do with the manic energy and will to succeed possessed by the people running them. And if the reaction to articles like this and this are anything to go by, people are really excited by African startups.

In fact, people around the world are starting to talk about startups on the continent in a big way. One example of this is the Africa Gathering annual conference to be held in London in mid June.

The conference, organised in collaboration with the Indigo Trust Foundation, aims to give people the opportunity to discuss the startup culture across Africa and to showcase just some of the great startup ideas that have emerged in recent times in the continent.

The conference organisers claim that it “will seek to reframe the debate around technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa” and “demonstrate how the creative African cheetahs are currently moving fast and taking the lead in developing amazing technology solutions currently changing and improving lives”.

“The one-day programme will involve a mix of keynote speakers from Africa, Google UK, Indigo Trust, Thomson Reuters and the World Bank. The morning will see three parallel workshops and breakout group think running along different themes until the afternoon, and to end with a plenary session with hands-on presentations from a variety of speakers from Africa, Google UK and the World Bank Team,” say the organisers.

Apart from these points of discussion, the event will also try an encourage UK investors and Donors to “start looking seriously at African start-ups and learn at the same time from the Managers of the Hubs and incubators where growth is increasing rapidly”.

Individuals who want to attend can register on the conference events page.



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