Google to host VC hangouts on Google+

Google is reportedly planning to organise a series of Google+ hangouts with top Silicon Valley VCs.

The programme, called VC Office Hours was officially announced today. According to the people behind it, VC Office Hours is “an experiment that will use the power of Google+ Hangouts on Air to bring together prominent Tech VCs and entrepreneurs”.

Google’s vice president of product, Google Apps Bradley Horowitz says the programme already has a number of prominent Silicon Valley VCs lined up, including John Lilly of Greylock Ventures, Chris Dixon of Founder Collective, Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners, and John Borthwick of Betaworks.

“For each session, we’re hoping to find 6-8 interested and interesting entrepreneurs, students, or fans of tech investing to lob questions at the respective VC’s,” he said. Each session will reportedly be around 30 minutes. They will also be broadcast live and recorded for posterity.

VC Office hours says the hangouts are “intended to be intimate working sessions” that will give small groups of people an opportunity to ask questions that will likely interest many – from “What makes a great pitch?” to “Is there a bubble? (And if so, how do I take advantage of it?!)”

If the idea sounds familiar, it might be because Memeburn did something similar in April.



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