Sina Weibo hits 300m users, but are things as rosy as they seem?

China’s wildly popular Sina Weibo has hit the 300-million registered user mark.

That’s according to news published on the microblog’s site and translated by Tech in Asia.

Thing is, the graphs published by the social network actually show it hitting 300-million users sometime in February.That’s significant, because it predates the real-name rules that had Sina Weibo’s bosses worried that their ad revenue would sink through the floor.

That might be one reason the microblog didn’t publish its active user numbers, which are likely much lower. In fact, it doesn’t even provide a definition of what it considers an active user to be. By way of comparison, Twitter broadcast the fact that it had 100-million active Twitter users late last year.

Add to that the fact that the social network recently introduced a contract that requires all of its users to adhere to and you can see that things might not be so rosy at Sina.

Still, there are some other interesting titbits we can take away from the release. You can see, for instance, that the majority of its mobile users are on smartphones, with a fairly even split between Android and iOS.

A sizeable chunk, however, still use WAP-enabled devices to access the service.



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