Web traffic from tablets to beat smartphones by 2013 [Report]

Look, we all know tablets are selling in their droves. What you might not know though is that they’re about to eclipse smartphones as a means of connecting to the web.

According to the latest report from Adobe’s Digital Index, tablets will generate more web traffic than smartphones by 2013.

In fact, web usage on tablets has grown nearly 10 times faster since they were introduced a couple of years ago than it did when smartphones first came out.

This growth is apparently being driven by both higher rates of tablet shipments and a disproportionately higher number of website visits per tablet than smartphones.

Adobe also reckons that tablets will account for around 10% of total web traffic in 2014 and that most people find browsing on tablets as engaging as browsing on PCs.

Before you go banging on about the post-PC world though bear in mind that most people still use PCs to visit websites three times as frequently as tablets.

One thing that businesses can take away from all this is that while apps are incredibly important and have done a lot to change the way we view content, the web is still kicking and screaming.



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