Why businesses and people winning at social are more likely to fly high

This is interesting. The more successful a company is, the more likely it is to be using social media.

That’s according to a new report from research company Millward-Brown in partnership with Google.

The study, which gathered opinions from over 2 700 professionals in Europe found that:

  • 59% of professionals in high growth organisations are using social tools to improve business outcomes such as increasing sales and attracting and retaining clients
  • 81% of these ‘dynamic’ businesses that are using social tools report a significant impact on growth/expansion
  • 80% of high growth companies are using social tools to improve ‘connectivity’ (such as collaboration and knowledge sharing).

That flies in the face of the logic practised by companies who view it as a waste of time, a distraction and a drain on resources.

If you’re thinking those kind of stats only apply to companies and not individuals, think again.

The study also found that people who use social tools are more likely to get ahead than those who don’t:

  • 86% of frequent users have recently been promoted, and 72% say they are likely to be promoted, compared to 61% and 39% of nonusers
  • Over a third (38%) are very satisfied with their jobs — compared to 18% of non-users
  • 64% are very likely to recommend their workplace — compared to 42% of non-users

Allowing social media into the office also makes for a happier workforce, with nearly 59% of social users they expect the performance of their organisation to improve over the next year, compared to just 38% of those that never use them.

It makes sense too. I mean social is more than just a cheap way to put your company’s name out there.

Social tools can be used to find information and expertise faster, improve cooperation and collaboration and to build employees personal relationships. Then again, if you’re a regular Memeburn reader you already know all this.

What you might not know is that using all of these tools correctly can help you achieve rapid growth. According to the study, professionals “in the fastest growing companies… (those claiming over 10% growth in 2011) are making the greatest use of social tools to achieve success.

Thing is, these companies don’t just flick a switch that says “social”. They think about it, and use it to “improve quality of work and enhance creativity and innovation, highlighting the role social tools can play in helping employees to generate new ideas and to take a fresh approach to the way they collaborate with colleagues”.

Think about that the next time your boss tells you to get off Facebook. No genuinely, think of a way to really make it beneficial for you to be there. That’s how you get ahead.



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