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Facebook to let you edit comments, finally

Have you ever delivered that witty riposte to someone’s Facebook status only to realise that it contains the kind of typo that makes you look like a monumental idiot?

Unfortunately there was never much you could do about it. Until now.

The social network has started giving users the ability to edit or delete their comments below someone else’s post.

Facebook will begin rolling out the update in small batches over the next couple of days. It’s not just comments you make from now on either. You can go back in your history and edit a comment you made months ago.

The feature will not however, be rolling out for embeddable comments just yet but when it does, it should be a lifesaver for anyone having to manage an official account.

As TechCrunch notes though, the real test will be whether or not Facebook starts allowing users to edit their original posts. At the moment users can only implement limited changes, such as changing date and location, deleting and reporting as spam.

  • AllanSwann

    what on earth are you talking about? I’ve been able to do this all year.

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