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Has iPhone 5 production begun?

The world wants the iPhone 5. It’s a fact as solid as the aluminum Apple likes so much. And as long as it hasn’t been released, rumors true and far-fetched will fly through cyberspace.

The rumor mill has produced its latest tale thanks to a Digitimes report. An insider in the industry claims that production of the new iPhone has already begun. This, before any official release of the iPhone, suggests that the 7 August release date rumor could prove to be true.

Unlike the previous rumors of last week, the new ones say that the manufacturer is Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturer of consumer electronics for brand companies. Pegatron is also the second production source for “the new version of the iPad”, according to statements from the company.

What is generally agreed, though, is the overall shape of the phone. It is likely feature a 4 inch screen — up from 3.5 — and an aspect ratio of 16:9, replacing the previous generation’s 3:2. And if the masses speak truly, then a back cover of aluminum and glass should will also be featured.

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