Mxit goes wild for Motribe photo filter app

Motribe made a name for itself building mobile social networks, but the company’s photo-based Mxit apps seem to really be taking off too.

The South African-based company released MxPix, a little over a month ago. In that time the app, which makes Instagram-style photo sharing and filtering possible for people with feature phones has attracted over one-million users.

The app reached the one-million user mark a full 14 days earlier than Motribe’s other photo-sharing effort JudgeMe.

To date, the million or so MxPix users have uploaded some 215 000 photos, with the Nokia 5130 Express Music and Samsung SGH and GT range of devices the most commonly used. The majority of those users are from South Africa.

According to Motribe co-founder Vincent Maher, the company is going to continue creating social apps inside Mxit:

“Our main drive right now is to build really big communities and get them creating and sharing content in a new and meaningful manner,” he told Memeburn.

According to stats released in March Mxit, which is Africa’s largest mobile social network, has some 50-million registered users. The vast majority of those are from South Africa, with around 10-million actively participating on Mxit on a weekly basis.



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