WordPress claims ‘biggest update ever’ with new iOS version

Expect to see people blogging a lot more from their iDevices in the near future. WordPress today rolled out a new version of its iOS app, calling it the “biggest update ever”.

According to WordPress, the new app features “a completely re-imagined interface” for both iPhone and iPad that “takes mobile blogging to the next level”. Big words sure, but remember that we’re talking about the web’s most popular content management system (CMS) here.

Company founder Matt Mullenweg has spoken about the need to get mobile right before, so it was only a matter of time before his team managed to go beyond their functional, but not all that pretty, efforts to date.

WordPress is pretty big on pushing that new interface, saying that it “enables you to quickly get to any part of the app and rediscover your content”.

On the iPhone, it says, “you’ll see a list icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap or swipe to open the sidebar, revealing all your blog’s content, as well as the ability to upload a quick Photo and access your Settings”.

On the iPad meanwhile “the sidebar is right there, the first panel to the left. As you tap items in the list they’ll open in panels allowing you to drill deeper into the app”. Another new feature that the company reckons will work well for the iPad is the WordPress.com reader, that allows you to “keep up with blogs you follow, browse topics that interest you, and check out the latest Freshly Pressed posts”.

The latest update also comes with “enhanced stats”, the ability to find your friends’ blogs using other social networks, and the ability to use “post formats” that allow you to “effectively choose how your post will look once published.”



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