Does Bruce Willis read Memeburn? His ‘fight’ with Apple says he might

Last week we wrote an article about what happens to your digital legacy when you die. The basic premise being that whatever digital music or books you buy through Amazon and Apple doesn’t really belong to you and that you’re simply “renting” ownership until the day you die. The Digital Media has non-transferable rights and you are therefore not able to leave them to your descendants.

News on the wire today announced that Bruce Willis is considering taking Apple to court over the fact that music and books bought via the online iTunes store doesn’t actually belong to him. It seems that Willis wants to put his digital legacy into a trust that will allow him to leave the works to his children.

Should he win, Willis wouldn’t only benefit himself but millions of other people who download songs from iTunes every day. Given the Cupertino-based giant’s legal history, we wouldn’t bank on that happening though.

The timing of the news is rather interesting, and leads us to wonder.. Does Bruce Willis read Memeburn?

It seems it was all a rumour. Willis’ wife has dismissed the story on Twitter:



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