Hootsuite, Facebook & Myspace’s new features: pushing social collaboration

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The only constant in life is change, and in the world of social media no phrase rings more true. Things change and evolve at an astounding rate. And with every new development, sharing, entertainment and conversation has become that much easier, and powerful. The thing about social media is that it is, well, social. And that means that various brands, platforms and conglomerates are bound to pair up or revamp in an attempt for digital dominance.

Here are three new endeavors that take digital collaboration the next level.

1. Hootsuite conversations
HootSuite is a popular tool used to manage various social media profiles. As a one-stop dashboard, it allows users to manage, update and view all their platforms at a glance. Having recently added its latest feature Conversations, HootSuite now allows users to interact and communicate with colleagues and members of their organisation within the platform using real-time messaging.

Some of you may be questioning why, and how, Conversations will have an impact on the already successful tool. In social media, nothing can be predicted and you never know how people are going to respond to a particular message. As such, one often needs to discuss various responses or messages with other team members, which until now had to happen on a different platform.

The beauty of Conversations is that it allows users to quickly and immediately liaise with colleagues within the HootSuite dashboard meaning that they can get answers on how to respond to a customer’s tweet or message.

2. Facebook teams up with Dropbox
The thing about social networks is that they allow for collaboration and sharing. One of the limitations with many of them is that one still needs to resort to email or other sharing platforms to send documents or files.

Not anymore. Facebook has teamed with Dropbox to allow for file-sharing within Facebook groups. People are still able to upload documents and files directly from their computer to groups, however this collaboration increases the sharing ability of cloud based content. It’s an interesting move and it will be exciting to keep an eye on how cloud storage services develop within Facebook.

3. MySpace transformation with a Windows 8 inspired look
Everyone thought that Myspace had died and gone to cyber heaven (or hell — depending how you look at it). Well we were all wrong and it looks like Myspace is coming back with vengeance. The slick new look seems to be an amalgam of Windows 8 and Pinterest where people can request an invitation, and seems to have taken a much more entertainment-focused approach.

The site’s much cleaner look is a vast improvement and contrast to the old Myspace, which users often scorned as messy and cluttered. Will this be the new hangout for tech-savvy hipsters?

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.



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