LinkedIn after Twitter: Facebook referrals jump 1000%

Linkedin iPad

Linkedin iPad

Were you concerned that the LinkedIn newsfeed was set for a quick demise after Twitter decided to disconnect from the service and no longer allowed tweets to feed through on to your home screen? Well, it seems your fears were unfounded: the LinkedIn team seems to be happier without it, and all the LinkedIn users just seem to be clicking on through to the other big blue social network.

According to analytics service PageLever, the volume of referrals from LinkedIn to Facebook has spiked dramatically — according to its data, it increased by 1000% in July compared to any single month previously. The company tracked 500+ Facebook pages that had between 100 000 and 1-million fans to arrive at this figure — and if you look at the chart, you can see a definite jump after the LinkedIn/Twitter divorce on June 29. In fact, their data suggests that LinkedIn is driving more traffic to those Facebook pages than Google+ and Bing combined.

linkedin facebook referrals

linkedin google plus and bing

It seems that without all the tweets cluttering up their newsfeed, it’s more likely that non-Twitter content will be spotted by users.

But before you hit LinkedIn with a vengeance to try to push its users to your Facebook page, it is worth noting that even though the volume of referrals has increased, it’s still not a lot of traffic overall — according to PageLever’s co-founder Jeff Widman, “LinkedIn wasn’t driving a lot of traffic in the first place, so it’s not that hard to spike by 10x.”

Image: PageLever.



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