Twitter now lets you upload pics from its mobile site

Looks like Twitter’s trying to give its users even more reason to use its own products instead of third-party apps. If your smartphone runs iOS 6 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich and up you will soon be able to upload photos directly from the social network’s mobile web app.

According to Sociable, the new feature was first revealed when Twitter product manager Sung Hu Kim tweeted a picture of the sun setting over San Francisco. He then revealed that the picture had been uploaded from his phone’s browser.

While the photo came from Kim’s gallery he said that direct capture and upload from the phone’s camera is also supported.

It’s unclear at what point the new feature will be rolled out, but given the changes the social network’s been making of late it shouldn’t take too long.

In August, the company removed the via stamp from its web client, effectively killing any indirect advertising for those third-party clients.

The latest version of its API meanwhile states outright that it doesn’t want people replicating the Twitter experience.

These API changes have driven the development of services such as, a subscription-based social network that aims to put developers and users first. The service was founded by Mixed Media Lab CEO Dalton Caldwell, who wants the platform to be “open” and ad free.



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