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Choosing content for your digital audience? Here’s what you need to know

When you start creating a digital marketing strategy for your business, your target audience will most likely be mentioned — especially if you are going to use social media in your campaign. Did you know that with social media, the people you are trying to reach might not always be a static entity and will change over time?

You might have identified your target audience when your business started, but it really doesn’t mean that you are going to target exactly the same audience over a period of time. How are you going to identify who you want to reach? How are you going to create “magnetic content” for that audience that encourages them to engage with you?

Content for your niche
One of the main ways to create magnetic content is to gear it so that it’s relevant to your niche and industry. You cannot rely on old school print media to share valuable information in a comprehensive and broad way. The social web has opened up many doors online and provides you with many opportunities to make sure your content can be seen by the right people. With the help of the social web, you can now position yourself as the expert in your niche so that you can build credibility online and it helps you to build a positive digital footprint.

Content for your customers
When you create magnetic content for your customers or any prospective customers, your content should offer them a solution to their problems and give them the answer they were looking for. Your content should answer their questions with ease and in a timely manner. This type of content can be content that you have curated or a blog post which contains all the appropriate keywords and phrases so that it can be found easily by your audience.

You can also create the content so that it’s easy for your customers to use. Think about your content as a type of business sales tool. Your goal might be to sell services or products, but you shouldn’t do this directly. Why not provide them with valuable content so that they can sell for you? If your clients are loyal to your business and you, they will really not have a problem sharing what you produce with their own network, increasing your reach online.

Content for your consumers
You can also gear your magnetic content directly towards consumers. Sharing your own content and curated content is a great way to reach interested people who you wouldn’t have been able to reach in the past. The message and tone of your content should be very precise and it’s important that you build relationships with them directly. No middle people are required to achieve this. Even if your consumers are already loyal to your business online, take the effort and time to establish relationships with them. This can enhance their entire business experience with you and make them return for more.

There are really many ways to target your content for the audience you are trying to reach. When creating magnetic content, one of your main goals should be to solve the problems of the people you are trying to reach. When you provide the right audience you are targeting with the right content, they will continue to interact with your and will most likely accept what you are offering with open hands.

Author | Anton Koekemoer

Anton Koekemoer
I'm your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing specialist. I specialise in helping brands connect with targeted customers by enhancing their online presence through emerging web-based communication channels. I translate business objectives into comprehensive initiatives that focus on humanising brand identity while maximising measurable business results. More
  • deepika rawat

    Thank you

    This article is very informative Digital Marketing Agency

  • Dude

    Quite true, but there is already an abundance of video playthroughs. Don’t think there’s any need to add onto them. This piece is an attempt to do something a bit different

  • Keep Quiet

    I hear you. But you’re in the digital age (ADHD age). If there is an abundance of video playthroughs, I doubt they’d choose a narrative playthrough over that. Like I said, a video would have brought in more traffic. I Still enjoyed the article, but I had to ask myself a few times, why am I reading this when I could have just watched you do it?

  • Dude

    Haha ADHD age, well put. Yeah I understand where you’re coming from. But you could make the same argument with video VS written game reviews. Some people still like to read. This just gives them something different to read, rather than a simple straight forward review. Also, I’m camera shy…

  • Keep Quiet

    True. I’m a bit camera shy too so I can understand that ;)

    I do fancy your writing skills though. I always enjoyed writing, but when I read professionally written articles the way they flow so easily, and pepper in the humor without forcing it, is amazing to me. Maybe you could teach me some day hah

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