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Samsung breaks another record, has now sold 30m Galaxy S IIIs in 157 days

Well, things seem to be going well at Samsung. The South Korean giant is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, it announced last week that it had sold 3-million Galaxy Note IIs, and now the Galaxy S III is outpacing its predecessors at a phenomenal rate. In the 157 days that have passed since its flagship smartphone hit the market in May, Samsung has sold 30-million of them.

The company said today that it has sold more of its Galaxy S IIIs than it sold Galaxy S IIs in a similar time period — around three times as much, in fact. In 2011, 150 days after the S II launched, it had sold 10-million devices globally (against its successor’s 30-million with just an extra week). Samsung has sold an average of one S III every 0.45 seconds — it took 50 days for the company to reach its first 10-million, 100 days for the next 10-million, and it hit 30-million 57 days after that.

JK Shin, president and head of Samsung’s IT and mobile communications division, said that “meeting this sales milestone in five months sets another record for Samsung, and we are extremely proud and yet motivated to continue to provide our customers with products that they love.”

Author | Lauren Granger

Lauren Granger
While studying towards her Bachelor of Journalism degree at Rhodes University, Lauren gave into her fascination with everything digital. As she was more interested in creeping tech sites and Twitter than she was in picking up one of those printed things called 'newspapers', she decided to specialise in... More
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  • Andy Walker

    Hi Rickvr,

    Thanks for the comment.

    If you’re referring to the iPhone 5s (most popular handset up until May 2014 at least), we don’t believe it was one of the best smartphones of the year. 2013 perhaps, yes.

    It’s a great phone, sure, and its sales streak is undeniable, but is it one of the best phones of 2014? Is it better than its younger siblings? That’s debatable.

  • Rickvr

    Hi Andy, I thought it was obvious, the iPhone 6 of course, have you heard of it?

  • Riaan Jansen Van Vuren

    Andy – thanks for the honest views on the Blackberry Passport. Own one since November and its a monster of a business smartphone – definitely the best in this class.

  • Dave Matthews

    Hmmm… Really?
    iPhone can’t expand memory with SD, or use WiDi/Miracast. iPhone has a worse antennae, and worse speakers. iPhone is worse than BB for any email or messaging. In fact, if I send you an email you can’t even reply with an attachment! It’s 2015 Rickvr!
    iPhone has no file system at all.
    iPhone Bluetooth and NFC are crippled and cannot be used to exchange files.
    iPhone cannot use USBOTG.
    iPhone has no HDMI output.
    I could go on Rick, but the BB Passport has all of the above, and more. iPhone has a lot of apps yes, but BB now has access to almost all of them.
    And please don’t reply about market share. McDonalds sells way more burgers than anyone else, but they are hardly the best, not even close.
    Be happy with your choice, but there is better out there.
    Happy New Year.

  • Mitch Kehn

    I like the overall approach of this article since the best anything, has a lot to do with who is using the device and how. I have a Passport but love the Cat phone. Rugged is a big plus in the blue collar world. Not breaking or running out of charge is still a selling feature for some of us.

  • Rickvr

    To each his own I guess but you should try the iPhone sometime, it may surprise you, as it did most of the world since 2007. Comparing it to the Big Mac is just silly, that’s about the Cheapest not the Best. To be the most expensive and to top the marketshare, now that’s impressive.

  • Dave Matthews

    I have tried it, but it is too simple for my needs. It feels and acts like an entry level device. Too restrictive. And it is way too expensive for what it does/doesn’t do. You are paying for the luxury of visiting a pimple faced kid at the “Genius bar”. You are paying way too much for an extra 64gb of memory that you cannot expand. Why?
    And the battery is poor too.
    Seriously… it’s the oldest mobile OS available.
    Can you name 3 things it is better at?

  • Rickvr

    Yes,I see your point, it’s obviously not for you but I doubt TC would lose any sleep over that. ‘Seriously… it’s the oldest mobile OS available’? So, Mercedes Benz is the oldest car marque in the world and how did that work out? You know, my original Post was about that professional Editor thinking that the iPhone 6 Plus has a Sapphire screen and forgot to mention the iPhone 6 completely, regardless of its position in the survey and people pay to read his stuff? However you are far more interesting, obviously well informed, albeit with a kind of weird bias with your opinions. To hold the flag so high for BB is admirable if not futile but it’s tough to let go, ask any Nokia fan. Your infatuated unequivocal support for a dying brand has to be borne out of more than just using it, is it National pride perhaps? Anyway I enjoy a good tête-à-tête, it’s invigorating and gets the brain going facing another year. Keep well.

  • Dave Matthews

    I guess my shot at the age of iOS is based on its lack of multitasking and file system.
    I’ll admit I’m a bit of a geek but I don’t see how Apple can improve these shortcomings without wiping the table clean and starting over like BB did with the change from BBOS7 to the QNX based BB10.
    And the fact that iOS and Android can be rooted makes them less secure.
    Yes, I am a tad biased, but not because of where I’m based. It is merely based on logic.
    Watch in 2015 as the stock and brand surprise you.
    As the veritable cornucopia of hacks in 2014 have shown, the need for corporate security in 2015 will make the CEO and CIO question the BYOD environment they thought was safe.
    It isn’t.
    In business, there is no better than BB end to end.
    For your average user, who cares, right? Your personal info doesn’t matter, right?

  • Rickvr

    Being first can have many drawback, one needs to look at NTSC TV, Imperial Measurements, Microsoft and many more. If I’m right, you took the bait and you’re from Canada? I might add that I supported Philips through thick and thin but that didn’t help them either. Not really being a geek myself I’m not in a position to spar with you on the various pros and cons, you’ve brought up. However I have a good feel for what’s right, I instinctively realised that the Apple II was THE thing and I secured the rights to sell them in 1978, in the country I lived in then, yes from the man himself. We can thank SJ to have had the vision for the Mac, else we’d still be looking at code on a green screen. I had the same involuntary reaction when first faced with a Cell phone, just knew that was the thing. The iPhone was the cherry on the cake and I had one, within months of the launch in 2007. That unit is still in working condition without ever having been opened for a battery change or whatever. As for Stock in 2015, I may well be surprised and wouldn’t be the first time? On the other hand, Apple’s TC is no SJ but he is good Manager and he will keep the money rolling, unlike Steve who was emotionally driven, which at the time and place was the necessary ingredient. Security, yes most important for some, such as business and they will all have to come to grips with that. Of course they will, too much is at stake but will it allow BB to rise again is doubtful. generally history doesn’t repeat itself, whether it’s the price of Oil, Gold or a Cellphone Company. As far as security for the masses, just look at FB to see that most of them actually want to tell the world but of course not their Bank details, Apple Pay goes a long way to secure that. Now what about the Apple Watch, I hear it will even tell time?

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