80s rock star Peter Gabriel designs MusicTiles for iPhone

music tiles

MusicTiles is a new app for iPhone designed by acclaimed artist Peter Gabriel which will allow users, via a simple tile interface, to create, record and share remixes of their favourite music tracks.

While it is also a rather obvious way for Gabriel to revive his status in the music world as his album So is featured quite prominently, the app does create a new and easy way for amateurs to play around with music files.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A2XXXBA35E&w=650&h=366]

The concept seems quite intricate, as it requires the various different instruments and vocals within a song to be separated into their own files. These individual files are then displayed in a mix and match way that the user can attached to each other to create different tunes and sounds, thus creating varying mixes of one song. Each music tile has a colour, representing a specific instrument (guitar, drums, keyboard) or musical stem, and every corner of a tile represents a different way to connect instruments, vocals and stems. This means the possibilities are almost endless in what can be created.

The creators say that any professionally produced song can be incorporated into MusicTiles, and encourage artists to submit the original stems of their work. MusicTiles is available for download and costs US$2.99, and in-app purchases of songs and albums are available after download.



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