Samsung’s rise continues as Galaxy S range sales hit 100 million

samsung galaxy s

samsung galaxy s

Global domination: all but complete. Samsung’s Galaxy S range of flagship smartphones (as in the Galaxy S I, II and III) has passed the 100-million sales mark, according to the Korean manufacturer.

Yes, Samsung has sold more than a 106-million units of its top-tier phones in less than three years — according to local site Yonhap News, that number is composed of 25-million original Galaxy S phones, 40-million of its award-winning S IIs and 41-million units of the hugely successful follow-up, the S III.

What’s interesting to note is the acceleration in the pace of sales — the company sold 30-million S IIIs just 157 days (around five months) after its launch, and hit the 40-million mark seven months after its May 2012 release. It set a new record for the company: the S II took 20 months to hit that milestone.

Granted, the figures Samsung is quoting are from “the supply side” — meaning the units it ships to retailers, not actually how many phones have been bought by consumers — but the figures are still impressive: it’s currently averaging 190 000 sales of the S III a day.

Image: Samsung



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