6 liveblogs that will keep you up to date with the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing

Oscar Pistorious

Oscar Pistorious

Look, let’s be honest for a moment. There’s pretty much no hiding from the Oscar Pistorius case. People are going to want to talk to you about it, so you might as well be properly informed. But where to go? We’ve already established that keeping up with events on Twitter means sifting through a mess of different reports.

A more streamlined way of keeping up with events in and around the South African court room where Pistorius’ bail hearing is taking place is to follow a live blog. The best ones will incorporate tweets and video from around the case as well as providing you with detailed descriptions of the events in and around the courtroom. If they’re really good, they’ll also provide easy access to other articles relevant to the case.

We’ve picked out a handful of liveblogs which meet that criteria to make it easier for you to follow the hearing as it unfolds.

1. News 24

News 24 has pretty much dominated coverage on the shooting (as it was very keen to remind everyone). Its continually updated multimedia timeline of the events surrounding the shooting hits the ball out of the park.

2. The Guardian

UK newspaper The Guardian’s live blog is useful for a couple of reasons. First off, it includes tweets from its own, and other reporters, as well as video. Second, it provides detailed summary of events at crucial points during the hearing.

3. Mail & Guardian

The Mail & Guardian’s liveblog might not contain the insight and summaries that the Guardian’s does. The South African publication, which has a reputation for hard-hitting investigation, does however have the advantage of a significant archive of Pistorius stories. And when those stories have been relevant to the case, they’ve made their way into the liveblog.

4. The Times

Unfortunately The Times’ liveblog is hidden behind one of Rupert Murdoch’s innumerable paywalls. If you’re willing to fork out the cash however, it’s well worth it. The page it’s on also includes a heap of related articles and a gallery of images from the hearing and Reeva Steenkamp’s funeral.

5. The Telegraph

While an ongoing liveblog can be useful, it can sometimes get a little confusing. That’s why The Telegraph’s decision to have day by day accounts makes sense.

6. The Mirror

UK tabloid The Mirror tends to go in for sensationalist stories with mass appeal. While its stories of the events surrounding the Pistorius case have followed more or less that pattern, its liveblog of the hearing has been one of the most detailed to date. It also includes a comprehensive gallery of images surrounding the case.

If there are any worthwhile contenders we’ve left out, please let us know in the comments section below.



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