Erm, Burger King, your Twitter account has been hacked [Update]

Another social media tale of woe for the interested. It seems someone is having a bit of fun with Burger King‘s Twitter account. The popular fast food franchise may be the victim of an Anonymous hack or perhaps some other clever spark got bored and decided to entertain themselves.

Our friendly neighborhood hackers tweeted the news of the hack with some glee though, wondering if the social media team was having a bad day.

The account’s profile image has been changed to that of competitor McDonald’s, as has the account name. The account’s bio now reads: “BURGER KING® USA official Twitter account. Just got sold to McDonalds because the whopper flopped =[ FREDOM IS FAILURE.”(sic)

The hacker seems to be more interested in making the brand look silly with rude and incomprehensible tweets all in capital letters. The account is also quite eager to retweet anything relating to the hack.

Interestingly enough the social media manager for Burger King is yet to notice that the account has been hacked, either that or the person in charge just doesn’t know what to do. Also it is President’s Day so maybe they all have the day off.

There has been no comment from Burger King but the Twittersphere is having quite the chuckle at the hack.

Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise for the fast food chain as its Twitter following grew by more than 10 000 followers within 20 minutes.

Update: Twitter has suspended Burger King’s account after an hour and 20 minutes.

Update two: It seems the company’s site is back up after a few hours of suspension. Burger King has not made any official statements regarding the hack but simply tweeted:

Update three: Speaking to the Washington Post Burger King representative Bryson Thornton said he didn’t know who was behind the attack or what had motivated it.

“Earlier today, our official BK Twitter Account was compromised by unauthorized users,” Thornton said in a statement. “Upon learning of this incident, our social media teams immediately began working with Twitter security administrators to suspend the compromised account until we could re-establish our brand’s official Twitter page. We apologize to our loyal fans and followers, whom might have received unauthorized tweets from our account. We are pleased to announce that the account is now active again.”



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