‘Bang With Nobody’ rips off Bang With Friends, gets international attention

Bang with Nobody

Bang with Nobody

This is hilarious. If you spend as much time hanging out online as we do, you’ve probably heard of Bang With Friends, the Facebook app that allows you to nominate people in your network that you want to hook up with and alerts you if they feel the same way.

The internet being the internet, the app quickly became a meme and spawned a series of imitators. Bang With Professionals, which does the same thing, except for LinkedIn, made us smile. But since we heard about Bang With Nobody, we’ve been chuckling quietly to ourselves every few minutes.

The service promises to “Anonymously find Google+ friends who are down for the night”, although it comes with the caveat that “your friends will never know you’re interested. Ever”. And if you don’t get that joke, you don’t understand how the internet perceives Google+.

If you were really hoping for some assisted alone time though, you’ll just have to use your imagination. Pressing the sign-in button takes you nowhere. In case you’re wondering where Bang With Nobody comes from, it’s the work of a couple of developers from Cape Town, South Africa who go by the name of Recast Labs. Apparently they “do epic shit”.

Bang With Nobody even caught the attention of TechCrunch, which was as tickled with it as we were.

Hat Tip: Richard Oakley.



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