Serious iFan? Perhaps you should take a trip to the Apple Pop-up Museum

Apple Museum

Apple Museum

If you have an predilection towards tech and you’re a serial Apple fanatic, this will delight you. What used to be an Atlanta-area CompUSA store has now been transformed into the Apple Pop-up museum; 6 000 square feet of Apple gadgets and paraphernalia from the beginning in 1976 to the present. It will be showcasing an Apple I, the first disk II and controller card, an original Apple II, an original Lisa and a Xerox Alto, among other rare Apple artefacts and fun items that will take you down memory lane like an original iPod Shuffle and the clam-shelled iBook.

The brain behind the initiative is Lonnie Mimms, an avid collector of Apple gadgets and other significant tech devices: he owns just about every significant piece of computer technology from the last three to four decades: supercomputers, notebooks and everything in between.

In a recent interview with 512 Pixels about the exhibition, Mimms comments: “I never sell anything or throw it away. I’ve added to it as other people have wanted to throw things away.” He said that while he wanted to “show the history of microcomputers from the beginning, we felt Apple was going to be more mainstream, so for an initial exhibit, we’re hoping to bring out more of the general population with Apple as the feature.”

Curator to this exhibition Thereze Almström, wants the exhibit to be flexible and space efficient with the end goal to perhaps make this a mobile exhibition as she says “We don’t have to be in a gallery, we can set up in an office. Everything can be moved.”

Presenting years of Apple innovation to the public, this exhibition is one of a kind and is sure to enlighten any geek, or Apple fanatic, capturing the essence and success of the Cupertino-based company. To all folk that are part of the Apple cult, be on the lookout as the Apple pop-up museum might be in your vicinity soon.

For those living in Atlanta it will début on 20 April as part of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast and will only last for two days.



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