Vine is top iOS app, but only in the US



Twitter’s Instagram-style video-sharing service Vine is becoming seriously popular, especially in the US.

The service is currently the most downloaded free app on the iOS app store in that country. That’s pretty impressive, given that it only launched six months ago.

Vine allows users to share short video clips quickly and effortlessly, and each video is no longer than six seconds. It works the same way Instagram does, with users following each other on the platform can explore other people’s videos and share them.

The announcement was made official with a tweet from Vine creative director and co-founder Rus Yusupov:

Vine has been pretty stable in its occupation of the number one social spot on iOS, although its rise to the overall number one spot has been more erratic.

The service’s ascent to the top hasn’t been without incident either. A day after launch, Facebook cut off access to its friend-finding feature on the service. Soon after, Not Safe For Work content started making its way onto the app, leading it to bring in a 17+ age restriction.

On the other hand, it’s also created a whole new way of looking at, and using, video. A teaser trailer for the upcoming movie The Wolverine, for instance, was recently released in Vine format.



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