SNL shows how ‘discreet’ Google Glass can be

Google Glass

You are nobody until Saturday Night Live makes fun of you. So it is safe to say that Google Glass has arrived. During this weekend’s SNL’s Weekend Update skit, Fred Armisen graced the SNL newsdesk as tech blogger Randall Meeks to demonstrate the ease and discreetness of Google Glass.

“I used to spend so much time of my life looking down at my phone, and now, thanks to Google Glass, the phone is up here and I can use it without being rude or distracting,” Meeks said.

Though what ends up happening is Meeks displaying a series of seizures while attempting to give Glass some basic instructions eventually leading to distractions. The skit essentially mocks Glass for all its potential issues such as absentminded users just staring, less than perfect voice commands and silly gestures.

This is not the first time that Glass has been made fun of. A Tumblr titled “White Men Wearing Google Glass” has been making the rounds in the memesphere. The blog showcases photos of white guys in Silicon Valley wearing their Google Glass as part of the product’s Explorer Programme. The blog features some prominent tech names such as Mashable’s Pete Cashmore.



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