Kiss your phone and share the love with Google’s new experiment

World of Kisses

Sometimes, a smiley doesn’t cut it: which is why you may want to send someone you love a kiss instead. Not just any kiss, mind you — one from your own mouth. Now, that’s possible, thanks to Google, Burberry and some “unique kiss-detection technology”.

No, really. If you visit, you’ll be able to pucker up in front of your webcam, as the site detects the outline of your lips (of course, it works better if you’re using Chrome). If you’re a touch phone or tablet user, you can opt to kiss your screen instead (just locate an anti-bacterial wipe first). You can then paint it in a shade of Burberry’s lipstick, add in a message, seal it with your kiss and send it off to anyone via email or Google+.

When they receive it, they’ll be greeted with a short visualisation of how far the message has traveled and be given an opportunity to send a kiss in return. All the kisses are private unless you choose to share them via Twitter, Facebook or Google + and all the public kisses can be seen whizzing across the globe on a giant world map.

The campaign was produced by Google’s ‘Art, Copy & Code‘ project which is designed to make advertising more exciting through collaborations with traditional brands which use technology to make interesting creative experiences online. Art, Copy & Code has previously put together a Smileage app for Volkswagen, which measures the fun factor of road trips.

The Google team has been testing out unique ways to use web-based technology recently with a series of experiments which let you do everything from building with Lego blocks to navigating through tornadoes and instructing a robot in London’s Science Museum to draw your face in some sand.



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