South African satire group takes on ‘hipsters and hashtags’ in latest video

Hipsters and Hashtags

Hipsters and Hashtags

Spend your days in a quirky corner cafe with your MacBook? Or perhaps wandering around in your checked shirt in between Instagramming your organic flat white? Stop reading now… you won’t enjoy this.

The team behind the popular South African Rebecca Black and Eminem parodies is back with a sterotype-stuffed video portraying the typical hipster. Shot in and around Cape Town’s CBD, ‘Hipsters and hashtags’ depicts people who play in bands you’ve never heard of, make guitars out of hummus and driftwood, ride bikes with no break pads and can’t stop the outpouring of their creativity… even when they sleep.

In the vein of ‘Look at this Instagram’, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues also poke fun at users of the photo sharing service who take moody self portraits of themselves staring off into the distance and excessively hashtag their posts. No #selfie or artfully filtered food shot is safe.



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