Facebook trialling VIP app for celebs

Facebook iPhone

Facebook iPhone

Facebook’s apparently working on a new app, but you probably shouldn’t worry about it…unless you’re famous.

The app, which AllThingsD reports is currently being tested by a group of famous people, will allow celebs to monitor chatter around them from a mobile device. From there they can reply easily and engage in the conversation.

The project, which is apparently in its very early stages, is part of Facebook’s bid to get celebrities (or their handlers) to engage more on the platform and steal some of the thunder away from Twitter.

On the 140-character-or-less social network, it’s much easier to monitor “@ mentions” of your name and respond quickly.

“We are currently testing some mobile features designed to help public figures interact with their fans,” a Facebook spokesperson told AllThingsD. “We are testing these features with a small group of partners and will share more details should we roll it out more widely.”

As AllThingsD also reported, Facebook has been working with celebrities on best practices for the social network for a little while now, including posting candid pictures and thoughts.

That said, it is going to take a fair amount of work if Facebook is to get its celebrity experience as slick as Twitter’s. It has always been good at approaching high-profile figures (including the Pope) and getting them to engage on the platform.



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