Hyperloop, iPhone 5C, Ashton Kutcher: #StuffToKnow on the web this week

Stufftoknow 2

Stufftoknow 2

You’d be forgiven for thinking the tech world decided that it had decided to take a break from normality this week: we have a ‘fifth mode’ of transport straight out of science fiction, a single tweet of less than 140 characters made more than US$3-billion and BlackBerry is finally coming to terms with its demise. Oh yeah, one little other thing, the sun is a about to swap its poles… No big deal.


Elon Musk announces the ‘Hyperloop’

It’s been several days since Elon Musk revealed his grand plans for a so-called Hyperloop, a revolutionary high-speed transportation system that feels pulled from a Isaac Asimov novel, and wow did the web go nuts about it. Speculation abounded, from the lovers to the haters. I doubt I’m alone however in saying it is the most exciting science news released recently. The concept is, roughly speaking, a massive tube that shoots you and some other passengers in a capsule on a pocket of air from one city to another, at roughly 1 130 km/h slightly less than the speed of sound. He has backed his idea up and submitted very well researched documentation for review, which he openly welcomes to correction by the way, a 57 page document with everything from cost considerations to construction to safety.

BlackBerry looking for buyers as it runs out of options

The once addictive “Crackberrys” have fallen very far indeed. We all knew it was coming and frankly I’m impressed they held out this long. In a statement from the company, the line that stood out harshest amongst the others options was, “…a sale of the company or other possible transactions”.

Apple’s big iPhone event to be on 10 September, circle your calendar

We might see the much rumoured iPhone 5C, a more affordable version of the iPhone. As Apple is needing to compete against the archrival Samsung in the mid-range market. Traditionally they have sold legacy iPhones at a substantial discount each year upon the launch of the latest version release.

Windows 8.1 update ready for download on 17 October

Hopefully this will fix many of the concerns people have over the OS that attempt to merge desktop and tablet, but I doubt it. People interact with touch interfaces in a completely different way as they do to desktop ones, as in with a keyboard and mouse. The main things Microsoft says the update will bring are “… improvements in areas like personalisation, Internet Explorer 11, search which is powered by Bing, built-in apps including a few new ones, an improved Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity with SkyDrive (and much more) that people will enjoy.” But seriously fewer and fewer people use Explorer, nearly none use Bing, I don’t even know of the Windows Store. All I hope is that the cloud storage can also be Google Drive.


Single tweet raises Apple’s valuation by billions

Of course that one guy is not just anyone. It’s Billionaire investor Carl Icahn saying he judges “the company to be extremely undervalued” and follows up with plans to make much larger investments in the company. No wonder everyone was quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Google’s position on email privacy misrepresented by media reports

There were a bunch of people getting all puffed up about a quote from a document implying that “Gmail users have no reason to expect privacy“. It was, of course, taken out of context. In short, if you don’t have Gmail, but you send an email to your friend who does, the email they receives is subject to the same privacy policy as any other email. And Google’s terms of agreement allow the company to scan emails to filter spam and serve ads. People forget this is Gmail the top online email provider they’ve had leading security and privacy features in the industry for years.


Ashton Kutcher isn’t just Steve Jobs by day… But also Steve Jobs by night

In this inspiring speech, made at the Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher reveals his first name and also give some seriously good advice to the youngsters in the audience.

Nice find

Sun’s magnetic field to reverse

The flip could come in the next three to four months, scientists say. No seriously…

A reversal of the sun’s magnetic field will have a ripple effect throughout our solar system since the domain of the sun’s magnetic influence—called the heliosphere—extends far beyond Pluto.

This guy started rapping in the subway

Relax, nothing about gangsters and “ho’s” this is actually very well written and well sung. It’s about our lives and the state of the world, it’s good check it out.



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