Sina Weibo now claims 50m active users a day

sina weibo

China’s Twitter equivalent and social networking super power Sin Weibo claims that it now has around 50-million active users a day.

The figure, which was announced as part of parent company Sina’s Q2 earnings report, is up 8.3% from where it was in March. That’s good news for the company, especially given that, by its own admission, it has struggled in the face of competition from WeChat, the social instant messaging service introduced by its fierce rival Tencent.

To put Weibo’s achievement into perspective however, it’s worth noting that Twitter hit the 50-million daily user mark back in 2011 and towards the end of 2012, went past the 200-million monthly active user mark.

It’s also worth noting that Twitter has pretty much the entire planet (apart from China) to draw on for its user base while Sina Weibo only has China and a few pockets of the Chinese-speaking world to draw on.

What must infuriate the social network’s heads however is the fact that so small a portion of its 500-million plus users are active.

Getting more people to spend more time on the network would undoubtedly help it through some of its financial worries, something its investors over at Alibaba will be very keen to see it get right.



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