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Telkom to give 60 minutes free Wi-Fi a day to South Africans

Fixed line operator Telkom isn’t exactly what you’d call well-liked in South Africa, where it pretty much has a monopoly on the space. The latest move from its mobile division however could just generate it a little goodwill.

The company says it will be offering 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi a day to, well, anyone who wants it. According to an official press release anyone, no matter what network they’re on, will be able to connect to one of Telkom Mobile’s 1 500 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.

Telkom Wi-Fi

It does seem like a bit of a faff to get your 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi a day though.

Here are the steps Telkom says you need to take every time you want to connect.

  • SMS “free” plus your e­mail address to 32707
  • We’ll SMS you an access code and PIN
  • Check that you’re in a Telkom Mobile Wi­Fi hotspot
  • Enable Wi­Fi on your device
  • Search for connections
  • Select “Telkom Mobile Guest SSID”
  • You will be redirected to the Wi­Fi portal page
  • Enter your access code and PIN
  • Press OK
  • You will be redirected to your default browser page
  • Enjoy your 60 minutes of unlimited free Wi­Fi!
  • Repeat these steps on a daily basis

  • Name

    “It does seem like a bit of a faff to get your 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi a day though.”

    Gee wizz, folks. Even when you’re getting something for FREE, there still seems to be something to complain about. Stop whining and grab it with both hands – it’s FREE for pete’s sake!!!

  • dynamix

    Do this first: “Check that you’re in a Telkom Mobile Wi­Fi hotspot”. What are the chances? I can’t even see my neighbours.

  • rooikat

    60 min free Wi-Fi per day…
    Telkom clients pay ridiculously over-priced rates for all of Telkom’s services and the “thanks” Telkom’s paying clients get is being forced to “sponsor” free Wi-Fi for anyone who has a Wi-Fi device, regardless of being a Telkom client or not…its not “free” at all, Telkom account holders pay for this half baked attempt by Telkom at gaining brownie points with the SA public

  • spamsmurfie .

    If you send an sms to a 32xxx number don’t be surprised when you start receiving spam sms messages with R5 “opt out” reply fees

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  • EF

    Bottomline… nothing is EVER free! Not only do you pay R1 per sms every day (a minimal cost for 60 free minutes Wi-Fi I know), but Telkom now has your cellphone number on record for future solicitation (read SPAM)…

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