The South African social media scene explained in 10 tweets

Social media networks

Social media networks

Arthur Goldstuck, the founder and CEO of research and analysis company World Wide Worx today took to Twitter to give the world a taste of the latest joint research from his company and social media monitoring and analysis company Fuseware on the South African social media landscape.

The findings suggest that while there is still room for growth on some social platforms — Twitter’s user base in the country has doubled in the last year — others are being hampered by a number of factors.

Facebook for instance, has pretty much reached saturation point in relation to the number of South Africans with internet access, while Google+ has pretty much flattened. While Goldstuck’s tweet-note didn’t provide any indication of why that might be, we would suggest that the people in the country who are using it are more tech-savvy early adopters who understand its potential benefits, while others don’t see the point when most of their social graph is on Facebook.

The tweet-note also suggests that social is seeing real growth as a business tool (see LinkedIn’s 20% growth over the past year) and that more and more executives understand its importance.

The research also seems to show that social media marketing in South Africa is becoming increasingly effective, but that there are still some fairly serious barriers in place, with effective time management of social posts being among the biggest.

Goldstuck and Fuseware CEO Mike Wronski (along with a select panel of guests) will present the full results of the research on 10 September in Johannesburg and on 12 September in Cape Town.



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