Burning Hot: Chipotle’s scarecrow, GTA V review, East African startup scene

Jacques Burning Hot

This week on Burning Hot, Memeburn shows us how Chipotle’s Scarecrow became something of an YouTube sensation, GTA V gets reviewed and everything you need to know about East Africa’s startup landscape.

The popular US food-chain Chipotle is running a campaign promoting wholesome, sustainable food. In doing do it managed to produce a beautiful companion film together with a game of a scarecrow reconsidering his career working at a robotic factory-farm.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has somewhat managed to rock the world. Gearburn reviews this open-world crime simulator pointing out that the vast, detailed landscape of Rockstar Games’ Los Santos. This is further enriched by the three interesting (and crazy) character designs and action-packed missions.

Planning on setting up shop in East Africa? Well, on Ventureburn Mich Atagana gives us a comprehensive guide of the current startup landscape any entrepreneur would welcome. This includes everything from government initiatives and banks to setting up networks and tech hubs.



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