Gorgeous companion film for Scarecrow game is viral sensation



What’s the best way to get people excited about ethically-sourced foods, free from the effects of mass production? One way is to get Jamie Oliver involved, but he’s only one person and can’t reach everybody all the time. Another approach, taken by US restaurant chain Chipotle, is to build a mobile game highlighting the conditions factory-reared farm animals face.

It looks like it’s working too. The companion film for the game, which features a scarecrow on a quest to bring real, farm-grown food to the people, has racked up over 4.7-million views since it was uploaded to YouTube six days ago.

Chipotle has something of a history of being careful with its food sourcing. In 2001, the company released a mission statement called Food With Integrity, which highlighted its efforts to increase its use of naturally raised meat, organic produce, and dairy without added hormones.

The company also claims that it does everything in its power to locally source as much of its food as possible.



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