Twitter appears to be rolling out related tweets feature

Twitter logo blue on grey

Twitter logo blue on grey

This is interesting. It looks like Twitter is rolling out a new feature that allows you to see related tweets from

The new feature appears to work fairly simply. All you have to do is click on the unique URL of a tweet. From there, it will surface related tweets that share common words or links. As The Next Web notes, the feature doesn’t appear to be present on any of the social network’s other apps at present.

At times, the tech news site reports, the feature shows up tweets from people you follow while at others, it just shows tweets with similar keywords.

At this stage, the feature appears to be an experiment, given that not everyone has access to it. That also means it’s uncertain when, or even if, Twitter will even roll out the feature to everyone.

If it decides to go the route of showing tweets with similar keywords, the new feature could be seen as a bid to push up engagement prior to its IPO. This metric, along with active user numbers will be particularly important to the company after that. For the first time, it will be required to make them available to public scrutiny. It has, of course, done so in the past, but generally at its own discretion.

Introducing the new feature for those reasons would also make far more sense than doing so for the sake of commercial sense, as was the case with the related headlines in in-tweet translation.



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