Books arrive on South African Play Store

Google Play Books reading

Google Play Books reading

If you live in South Africa, you’ve probably become fairly used to getting the latest tech products and services a little later than most other parts of the world. Alternatively you’ve become pretty good at figuring out workarounds. If you’re one of the former, you might be pleased to know that books are now available on the South African Google Play Store.

According to Google, the launch will give users access to hundreds of thousands of books, “including bestsellers and classics from hundreds of publishers”.

As is the case with Amazon’s Kindle App, the books service on the Play Store, keeps your reading material on the cloud, meaning that you’ll be able to change from reading on your phone to your tablet without losing your place. Additionally, you’ll be able to buy books on the Google Play store and read in your web browser.

Google Play Books

If for some reason you’re attached to the Google Play Books app but own an iDevice, you can also read books that you’ve purchased on the web on your iPhone or iPad.

“We’re happy to make it even easier for all book lovers to discover and buy whatever they want to read, whether that’s the next bestseller, a new release from their favourite author or a well-loved classic,” says Santiago de la Mora, Director, Print Product Partnerships. “Whether you’re a bookworm or casual reader, we hope you find something great to read on Google Play, and we’re looking forward to adding more titles and South African content from today onwards”.



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