Magnets? Please. This site prints your Instagram photos on to marshmallows

Boomf marshmallows

Boomf marshmallows

You’ve probably seen the Polaroidesque printing options. Perhaps the coasters and the magnets. Maybe even the pillows, smartphone cases and stickers. But have you ever thought about printing your Instagrams on to food?

Well, it’s possible: a new site launching today, called Boomf, allows you to transfer your filtered snapshots on to marshmallows. Yes, edible, fluffy vanilla marshmallows — the kind you can plop into hot chocolate or skewer on a stick and slowly roast. And damn, they look good.

The team behind Boomf — Mint Digital — is the same product development studio that brought the world Stickygram, the popular Instagram printing service, as well as miniature Instagram projector Projecteo. Now it seems the next frontier is confectionery.

It’s a simple process to get some sugary squares — Boomf uses the Instagram API, so you just need to log into your Instagram account, select the images you’d like printed (they work in batches of nine) and wait for them to arrive at your door. The team recommends simple, lighter images so that the detail is retained on the 4cm x 4cm squares. After all, they say, “we are printing on marshmallows here! It isn’t Retina Display.”

Unfortunately, it’s a UK-only service for now, so if you’re not a resident, you may have to make do with the grams on your phone until they roll out worldwide early next year.



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