13 most bizarre (or simply awesome) geeky gifts found on Pinterest

Space invader gift

Ah Christmas… whether it’s a co-worker, a family member or what have you, there are plenty of gleeful gifts all round. Finding that one memorable present could sometimes become an unnecessary hassle though. I mean buying someone a lava lamp just won’t cut it these days but buying someone a USB flash drive that looks like a chicken wing or a drumstick for instance could. What better place to find unusual gifts and gadgets than on Pinterest or Etsy?

iArm Forearm Mount
This forearm mount gives you an extra hand so that you can have your favorite gadget strapped to you at all times. “Attaches to tablet PCs, eReaders, remotes & more,” up to an incredible 2kg the product description reads. Though ridiculous it might sound, it is too good to be true. The box actually contains nothing but air but could still work as a gift gag though.


Silic: A shirt that cleans itself
Yeah, for those friends in dire need of a cleansing too often, a shirt that cleans itself. It’s more like sticky sodas rolling off a duck’s back really but would work well with Christmas dinner marathons. Using nanotechnology, Silic will prevent any wine stain, tomato sauce or

Silic Shirt

Or a shirt that keeps you nice and cool
Now you can look fancy and keep your cool. Created by a Japanese company of course, this USB-powered shirt has little fans inside that blows cool air on your body. “Great for any hot office or room, or even for portable action with a laptop or other device.” Seriously, what more do you want this summer.

Shirt fan

An Ostrichpillow
On a plane, the library or in the office — sleep wherever you want. This Kickstarter-funded creation envelopes the wearer’s head by providing a micro environment of comfort and power naps. There’s also the Ostrich Pillow Light which is a little less crazy-looking but still covers your ever-resting head.

Ostrich pillow

Wake up, workout alarm clock
This one’s for the slackers and those who has no time for exercise. The 700g alarm only shuts off after 30 bicep reps, so be warned. On the side of the dumbbell shaped alarm clock is a count down timer that counts down the number of reps you’ve done from 30 to zero as long as your upwards swings are perfect every time so you’ll be buff in a matter of weeks.

Pimp your tree with 8-bit Christmas ornaments
There are a bunch of strange geeky ornaments but the Space Invader ones (shown in the image at the top) are my favorite. They’ll definitely make and retro geek’s Christmas.

Walter White bobblehead
More intimidating than ever. Dressed in all-yellow, Walter stands impressed, victoriously on the translucent blue magic meth his empire was built on. The glasses are removable so that you’ll be able to give him a more Heizenberg look when it’s crunch time. I wonder if you can buy him a hat as well.

Twerking Einstein
Bizarre much? It’s both brilliant and disturbing, an action figure of Miley Cyrus twerking with Albert Enistein’s head. Yes, that is what you’re looking at.

Twerking Enstein

P&P Office Waste Paper Processor
Brought to us by Yanko Design, instead of shredding office paper, this machine uses old paper to create pencils. All you need is to feed it led and old memos that would otherwise end up in the bin. Not only are you saving the Earth one piece of paper at a time, you’ll be doing it in absolute style.

paper to pencil

Bacon flavoured soap
Because bacon.

Bacon Soap

Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne
Because few things screams die hard fan like a US$30,000 worth hand-crafted, life size throne sitting in your living room. According to legend, it’s been constructed by the first king of the Seven Kingdoms, Aegon I Targaryen and is made of a thousand swords that took 59 days to hammer out into a throne.

GOT chair

Horse’s head pillow case
Speaking of pillows. Here’s a severed horse’s head pillow case because nobody messes with Don Corleone. Unlike the real horse head found in The Godfather, the pillow case does not involve the head of a real horse of course but is instead made up of a surprisingly comfortable cotton/poly case.

USB BBQ Flash Drive
And so without further adieu, the USB BBQ Flash Drive. If you, for some unimaginable reason, want your friend’s portable data storage to make them hungry (or just gross them out) this chicken wing flash drive will do the trick. The same company offers a bunch of other strange USB thumb drives like various fruits, hamburgers, pizza slices, sushi and cookies.

Chicken wing USB



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