5 questions to help you use your digital footprint to reach your target audience

Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint and image is the recognition of your brand and business in the digital world. Branding your business is so much more than just the pretty logos and colors that are associated with you. It’s everything your business and brand stand for. Did you know that you can use your digital footprint to reach your target audience?

Your digital image should always represent a couple of things on who you are and what you do. It should create loyalty, trust, and recognition. To do this you have to build your online personality and connect with your target audience on the web. You can use your branding to reach your target audience at an emotional level and to cut through all the marketing noise online. Your digital image should offer the opportunity to your audience to interact and connect.

Find below a couple of questions that can help you build your digital image.

Who’s your target audience?

It’s important that you understand your target audience behaviours and needs. This means you should know their age, what interests them, their needs, and what they enjoy reading online so that you can get your message across to them.

The more you know your target audience, the better job and results you will get in reaching them online. Many companies are trying to cast a wider net usually with push marketing strategies and failing. When you try to reach everyone, you might end up reaching absolutely no one with your strategy.

Are you unique?

This helps your target audience makes sense of your business and it’s also what you stand for. How are you unique and different to your competitors? Your business should always represent a clear and unique advantage to your target audience. What makes you unique? Your brand might represent trust and safety or it could represent youthful excitement. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

What makes you better?

This isn’t always easy but try to demonstrate your values by always over delivering. Referrals are the key and you want to make the impression last about your brand with your customers.

What solutions do you have?

What problems are your target audience experiencing that you can solve? If you know everything about your target audience it will pay off. How are your solutions, products, and services unique or better?

What content are you producing?

The content you create should always support your brand online. Do some research and create content that will help you position your brand and that provides answers to the problems of your target audience. The content you produce can support your digital image.

It’s 2013 and the digital world is buzzing. Are you standing out from the crowd with your digital footprint and image?

Anton Koekemoer


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