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HP all but denounces Windows 8 with new ‘Windows 7 is back’ promotion

HP is enticing people to buy their machines bundled with Windows 7 rather than Windows 8. No it’s not 2007, but just as the greater public shunned Windows Vista, it seems manufacturers like HP are treating Windows 8 in a pretty similar way. A new email promotion was sent out over the weekend stating that, “Windows 7 is back,” coupled with a new promotion on HP’s site with the slogan “back by popular demand”, offering US$150 worth of “savings” on the deal.

In fact, at first glance HP’s website doesn’t seem to offer any Windows 8 deals. According to The Verge, if you browse to HP’s home page and navigate to desktop PCs, you’ll only see Windows 7 machines as the default listings. Windows 8 PCs only come up if you select the appropriate filters. On the laptop side there are some Windows 8 machines, but a large banner advert promotes a Windows 7 laptop, again “back by popular demand”.

Does this mean that Windows 8 has joined Microsoft’s long series of duds, along with honorary members Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows 2000? Quite possibly it has, and definitely in HP’s eyes. Windows 8 has struggled to win over fans because of its mix of not-quite-a-tablet-not-yet-a-desktop operating system and design choices like the removal of the Start button. Even bringing the latter back in Windows 8.1 hasn’t done enough, with Microsoft itself already moving on to the upcoming Windows 9.

Author | Ronan Steyn: Staff Reporter

Ronan Steyn: Staff Reporter
Ronan Steyn has a love for all things technology, with a particular focus on startups, gadgets and games. When not writing the good write, he can be found making films or purveying the latest gadget, game or film. At night he attempts an MA in Screenwriting at UCT. A... More
  • CharlesAsh

    They should preinstall PC’s with the Ubuntu Linux based Zorin OS – http://zorin-os.com/ – The M$ tyranny must be brought to an end and the PC market liberated.

  • 2002 called. It wants its linux zealotry back.

  • CharlesAsh

    Thanks for the inane, meaningless, moronic comment that adds absolutely no value to the discussion. Linux is the future, M$ is clutching at straws and only the most hardened M$ fanboi would argue otherwise.

    Given the choice between Windows 7 and Zorin, I would go for Zorin. A far more stable environment with no constant pop-ups from malware and anti-virus vendors with their false-alarms. Linux just works…and for the average desktop user, it represents the perfect value proposition ie. FREE!!

    Wake up and stop being a trolling ignoranus.

  • It’s ignoramus. Guess Linux doesn’t have a spell-checker yet.

    (Either that or you need to sudo apt-get update || sudo apt-get upgrade, because your sarcasm.lib is very out-of-date).

  • CharlesAsh

    The ignorANUS was deliberate…cos you’re being a bit of an @$$. You still haven’t added an iota of value to the discussion though…so thanks for nothing.

  • You know it’s the real, grown-up internet, and not some children’s site, right? You _can_ say “ass” without being castigated.

    Also Linux isn’t the desktop dream you think it is. The comment about your 2002-era zealotry was accurate. Relative to its competitors (Mac OS X, Windows) , Linux is no closer to being a real solution for average end users than it was 12 years ago. There’s no friendly face and it’s not going to see mass user adoption because, well, it simply isn’t nice to use.

    Linux “does everything Windows does, but better” in the same way that artificial banana flavouring does everything real banana does, without making you fat — NO WAIT, THAT’S NUTRITION. What’s sorely missing in the Linux experience is cohesive design, tactility, accessibility, and hiding useless cruft from users. Because yes, my mom really wants to choose from five hundred different desktop environments and then use a package manager to run software that… doesn’t work with anything else she wants.

    The small subset of users who ride the free software and information liberty bandwagon, being piloted by a senile, toenail-eating RMS, will harp on about open standards and evil companies and this and that, but ultimately everybody just wants stuff that actually works, rather than compiling the latest nightly build.

  • CharlesAsh

    Thanks for an actual response of “some” substance…unfortunately, your response is shockingly ill-informed.

    Considerng the typical user required a browser, word processor, spreadsheet, graphics manipulation program and an email client, Zorin wipes the floor with Windows in every area….and it does it at the wonderful price of free. I’m not sure when was the last time you used an Ubuntu distribution, but the Software Centre is a piece of sublime simplicity even my grandmother would be comfortable using.

    Having worked in IT Support in the mid-90’s to mid 2000’s on Windows systems (from 95 —> 2003 OSes), I can comfortably say that switching to Linux for desktop users has been the greatest thing I could’ve done. It has practically eliminated support calls which 90% of the time pertain to users unable to install a printer or users with viruses or users with malware or users with slow machines or users with relentless license popups…enough already.

    Linux is the future of desktop operating systems and it improves radically with time and each new upgraded iteration that updates flawlessly. Even Microsoft’s stranglehold on the server market for SMME businesses is soon to come to an end as more companies switch to the ridiculously capable and equally sublimely easy to configure and manage Zentyal OS (www.zentyal.com).

    You should stop being a technological troglodyte and step into the light of reason and good-sense. The Microsoft Windows market is lurching from one disaster to the next, from the abandonment of the task bar to the re-emergence of the taskbar…with Linux, at least you have CHOICE and changing won’t cost you anything more than the download and a little bit of time.

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  • uh, the taskbar was never abandoned, but ok.

    maybe you’re the one who should keep up with what’s changed. my work environment exposes me to four operating systems, and linux – as far as a user experience goes – has nothing on two of the remaining three.

    but go wild and bang that linux drum while you compile your source and jerk it to bash scripts.

  • CharlesAsh

    Your tiresome ignorance is clearly showing now, in the past 3 years, I have never had to compile anything from source, I can either install it from a reputable, virus-free source (Synaptic or Software Manager) and it’ll be there in a few seconds. Bash scripts are also completely optional and completely unnecessary for 90% of Linux users, so your point is …like much of what you’ve said…pointless.

    Linux is the future for African countries looking to liberate themselves from draconian licensing and proprietary software regimens that quite frankly are not worth it. From CRM’s to CMS’es to development environments to ERP’s to databases, graphics, utilities, clusters, cloud services and 3D modelling software…everything is available free and open source in the wonderful world of Linux and therein lies the unbeatable strength and elegant beauty of the open source model no matter how much hogwash you try convince people with. You have yourself fooled…that’s fine, but please don’t muddy the waters with staggering ignorance and fanboi’ism…it’s pathetic.

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