Look down: this video explains why it’s okay to stick your face in your phone


If you were anywhere near a social media platform in the last month, chances are you saw a video called ‘Look up‘. For a clip which essentially told people to get off their phones and go out into the real world, it was shared a whole lot online. So far, it’s racked up over 37-million views on YouTube.

While there have been a few videos pointing out the anti-social nature of technology recently, ‘Look up’ gained a lot of attention for its snappy rhymes and story of how a mobile phone almost kept a couple from meeting and living happily ever after. It professed that “we’re a generation of idiots, smart phones and dumb people” and that even if you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, you can still be lonely. Well, at least one person disagrees.

In a response video (titled ‘Look down’), YouTuber Jarrett Sleeper has his turn at clever rhymes while poking holes in the argument that technology is having an overwhelmingly negative impact on human interaction.

It highlights how moments and thoughts can be shared over great distances thanks to social media and how phones allow us to communicate and meet up in real life. It also promotes moderation and thoughtful usage, instead of avoiding technology outright.

And that accent in the original? Maybe we shouldn’t be so swayed by it.



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